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Rehabilitation of the perineum is an important phase after the birth of your baby. On prescription from your doctor, our specialists can assist you with individual perineum rehabilitation sessions.

Perineal rehabilitation is a technique to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles weakened during childbirth. The perineal rehabilitation therefore limits the risk of developing urinary incontinence related to pregnancy and childbirth.

You will be offered different types of rehabilitation therapy depending  on your 6 week postpartumcheck-up with your gynaecologist. Your gynaecologist will prescribe 9 consultation sessions. All the sessions are delivered by our midwives who are graduates in urodynamics ; the exercises and techniques (biofeedback therapy, electric stimulation and exercises with a gym ball) allow a self-training of the pelvic floor.

These treatments are covered by some health insurances with a medical prescription.  Please contact your insurance to receive a confirmation. 




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