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About us

The Clinique de La Source is part of a non-profit foundation, along with the Institut et Haute Ecole de la Santé La Source (HES-SO).

La Source, your lifelong healthcare partner


The Clinique de La Source is a one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary acute care facility.

Since 1891, The Clinique de La Source and the Institut et Haute Ecole de la Santé La Source have been a part of the La Source Foundation which is a private and independent non-profit institution. 

This financial independence allows the Clinique de La Source to maintain a level of excellence throughout the care process by continuously investing in human and technological resources and build a reputation for itself for over a century.


Our vision

To be the reference point for multidisciplinary patient care in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. 

This goal is reflected in our quest to continuously remain at the top of our field through measured investments.

We not only invest in technology but also our staff, which is our most precious resource. Quality care can only be guaranteed by having enough well-trained employees.

Our values


One of a kind

The Clinique de La Source enjoys an exceptional position in the Swiss healthcare arena. Not only is it part of a non-profit foundation, which provides it with financial independence and the ability to reinvest all of its profits in the Clinic and the School, but also has close ties with the Institut et Haute Ecole de la Santé La Source (La Source Institute and School of Nursing) to create synergies in training, research and clinical practice. This combination doubles the benefits in terms of patient care. 

Whatever their duties at the Clinic, each staff member contributes on a daily basis to ensure that each client is seen as a unique individual, whether that client is a patient or a doctor.



The Clinique de La Source treats each patient, staff member, doctor and partner with consideration and dignity. 

Our staff show kindness and follow the institution’s charters and directives at all times, and comply with good practices.



The Clinique de La Source is committed to being proactive in terms of technological innovation so that its patients benefit from the best treatments available. It encourages all initiatives and solutions that improve medical services, care and accommodation offered to its patients and gives its employees and doctors optimal working conditions. 

Staff members have a mindset to anticipate change, remain open to technological progress and incorporate best practices to tirelessly deliver added value to patients and doctors.



The Clinique de La Source is committed to having a positive impact on its environment and society as a whole. It works to protect its own sustainability and guarantee the jobs necessary to safeguard its activity in the long term. Since its inception, the Clinic has worked towards the common good by being an active contributor to health care in the area. 

The Clinic’s activities require its staff members to have a keen sense of responsibility. Each and every member fulfils their duties in an ethical manner having the knowledge that they are ambassadors for the Clinic.

Our ambitions


To strive for excellence in patient care

The work at the Clinique de La Source revolves entirely around the patients, who are the focus of a global multidisciplinary approach. Discussions between the different medical specialities help to find the most appropriate treatment solution before, during and after hospitalisation or outpatient care. The quality and safety of this personalised care relies on the cutting-edge skills of La Source’s employees and its accredited doctors.


To become a gold standard employer

The Clinique de La Source is particularly attentive to the well-being of its employees. This is reflected both in its desire to guarantee sustainable employment and in its continuous training policy, which aims to improve the skills of its employees to exceed the highest standards. The Clinique de La Source also takes care to maintain high staffing levels to guarantee the quality and safety of its patient care. 


To hand-pick the best specialists

The Clinique de La Source hand-picks the best professionals to guarantee impeccable quality and personalised patient care. Whether it be surgeons, oncologists, obstetricians, internists, radiologists or anaesthetists, all the accredited and independent doctors within the Clinic’s network have a postgraduate degree and are among the most highly skilled specialists in their field. Also, thanks to its close ties with the Haute Ecole de la Santé La Source, the Clinic is also actively involved in training the next generation of staff.