Medical commission _

A representative
and advisory body

The Medical Commission has two major roles, being the representative body of the College of Associate Physicians on the one hand, and on the other, the consulting body of the Foundation board.


The Medical Commission is the representative body of the accredited doctors operating at Clinique de La Source.

The Medical Commission is the consulting body of the clinic’s Foundation board for all issues relating to medical practice. 

The Medical Commission questions Clinique de La Source directors about, in particular, improvements, purchases, quality and the organisation of the clinic. 

The Medical Commission can, at any time, refer any of these topics to the Foundation board, either in person or through an intermediary representing a speciality, speaking on behalf of the latter.



La Source Medical Commission consists of 9 doctors; the Clinic’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Nursing Officer are also part of it in an advisory capacity. In this way, the main specialisations at the Institution are represented.



Dr CHAVE Jean-Philippe 
Specialist in infectious diseases






Specialist in general surgery,
specialised in visceral surgery

Dre BAGNA Francesca Carlotta
Specialist in intensive care medecine
Specialist in anesthesiology

Dr BOULOS Kareem
Orthopaedic surgeon



Dr CHAPUIS Laurent

Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

Dre POLONI Barbara
Specialist in general internal medicine, specialised in geriatrics

Dr THIERRIN Laurent 
Specialist in anesthesiology


The Medical Commission has two major roles, being the representative body of the College of Associate Physicians on the one hand, and on the other, the consulting body of the Foundation board. 

This Commission meets at least four times a year at the express request of Management, the Foundation board, the President or one of its members.

The Medical Commission has the following attributes:


  • Assess applications from specialists wishing to practice at La Sourcce as accredited independent doctors, in order to give their opinion to the Foundation board.
  • Discuss issues related to practicing medicine at La Source.
  • Assess cases regarding possible disciplinary measures to be taken against accredited independent doctors and inform the Foundation board, depending on the case.
  • Appoint doctors to certain educational and/or administrative positions.
  • At the request of the Clinic’s management or the Foundation board, the Commission can be requested to give advice on certain projects regarding La Source. 


Request for accreditation

Any doctor holding a Swiss medical degree or with a MEBEKO recognised degree, and at least one Swiss post-graduate completion of training certificate or MEBEKO recognised equivalent, is entitled to submit an application for accreditation to the Clinic’s Executive Management. The case will initially be studied by the Medical Commission for their opinion and then submitted to the Foundation board who will take the final decision. 

All requests should be sent by post to the Clinic management or emailed to

Please note that all accredited doctors and surgeons at the Clinique de La Source have their own surgeries in town or on the Clinic premises, and that they practise as independent doctors and thus are entirely responsible for their own acts.