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La Source

Founded in 1891 and highly committed to its independence, the Clinique belongs to the Fondation La Source, a private non-profit institution which also oversees the Institut et Haute Ecole de la Santé La Source (HES-SO).

The aim of the Foundation is to work in all health-related activities as well as anything to do with nursing education. The Foundation, which consists of both a Nursing School and a Clinic, has been in the Trade Register since July 1912 as a foundation governed by private law. Its current board consists of nine members and the two Directors (of the Clinic and the School).

Annual report 2022

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CLS_Rapport annuel 2022



A little history:


The history of La Source began in 1859 when Countess Valérie de Gasparin and her husband, Count Agénor created the Ecole normale évangélique de gardes-malades indépendantes, the first secular school in the world. Today, the Ecole La Source consists of the Haute Ecole de la Santé La Source (HES-SO) and the Institut La Source (private). 

In 1890, Valérie de Gasparin created the Fondation La Source in order to ensure that her work survived and therefore to continue training people wishing to devote their lives to the sick as well as to ensure the protection and promotion of healthcare. 

The entity that has been known as Clinique de La Source since 1921 came into being in 1891 under the name of the Clinique de Beaulieu, a clinic which was then directed by a certain Dr Charles Krafft (1863-1921), who was the European pioneer of appendectomies and the treatment to be given to patients. Created to provide “subject matter” to students at the school, the Clinique de La Source is today the largest clinic in the Canton of Vaud and one of the best. In 2008, it obtained the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Award Level ll in recognition of the excellence of its services. The institution has developed considerably over the past 30 years and currently benefits from an unparalleled technical platform and irreproachable quality of care and services, treating more than 100 000 patients every year.