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Just like an aeroplane pilot, surgeons must keep up their training by performing some 20 operations annually.

Training, an indispensable element

Surgeons trained to work on the da Vinci robot initially follow two months of training on a simulator. Once this step is complete, surgeons are invited to meet the teams trained in surgical centres specifically dedicated to robotic surgery, and to refine operating technique. In addition, surgeons wishing to practise robotic surgery have to follow a specific training programme on pigs or corpses in specialised institutes. Finally, the initial interventions are conducted with the help of confirmed operators.

This training programme is key to obtaining and maintaining the required mastery of the machine. The amount it is used is also important. Like a pilot, surgeons need to keep their training up by doing around 20 interventions per annum.

In Lausanne, only a few La Source accredited independent doctors who have received particular training are used to conducting interventions with the aid of the da Vinci® robot.

The Clinique de La Source is one of a very few clinics to have two consoles, thus facilitating the training process for doctors.