Breast Network _

Multidisciplinary and individualised care

Breast cancer requires personalised treatments and support in order to offer comprehensive care tailored to each patient.

To enhance their expertise in this field, the clinics of La Source, Hirslanden Lausanne and the “Réseau lausannois du sein” (Lausanne Breast Network Association) have decided to join forces to create the Réseau du Sein Lausanne, a first-of-its-kind alliance in the private health sector in Switzerland. 

The aim is to adopt an integrative care approach, making treatment more effective, while ensuring the highest standards in breast care. The Réseau du Sein Lausanne offers a wide range of conventional and complementary therapies which, together, contribute to the patient's well-being. 

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Breast cancer in Switzerland, facts and figures 

In Switzerland, 1 in every 8 women develops breast cancer in her lifetime. Today, due to early detection, half of measured cancerous cells are less than 2 cms when detected. With a favourable survival rate of 82% in the first 5 years, all stages combined, our country ranks among the countries with the best breast cancer prognosis.


When to have a mammogram?

In the canton of Vaud, all women aged 50 to 74 receive an invitation to undertake a screening every two years, which is covered by basic health insurance, without being subjected to a franchise at the rate of 90%. In case of suspicion, following a discussion with your gynaecologist, a mammogram can be prescribed, regardless of your age or your family history. The mammogram can take place at the Breast Imaging Centre of La Source, where the same radiologist can keep track of your condition. In the event of a suspicious lesion, a biopsy maybe performed for analysis.

Breast cancer and your individualised treatment _

If breast cancer is diagnosed, your case will be presented by your gynaecologist and assessed as soon as possible in a multidisciplinary conference, in order to offer you a personalised treatment plan adapted to your situation and needs.

Your therapeutic strategy may include the following services: chemotherapy, surgery, reconstructive surgery, radiotherapy, hormone therapy and oral therapy rehabilitation.

Should you require any further information, we thank you for contacting your gynecologist.