Neurosurgery is the medical specialisation dedicated to surgical treatment of problems of the brain, back and nervous system.

Neurosurgery treats patients who suffer from operable diseases of the brain and back. Its area of expertise is enormous, ranging from brain tumours to herniated discs. In addition, the Clinique de La Source offers special skills in the treatment of spinal pathologies, and works in close collaboration both with orthopaedic surgeons specialised in spinal surgery, as well as neurologists and rheumatologists.

At La Source, patients enjoy the benefit of the best possible treatment, surrounded by highly qualified, well-known specialists with a revolutionary technical platform at their disposal, thus enabling the use of the most recent technological developments in computer assisted surgery and neuronavigation.

The Clinique de La Source, European Reference Centre for the O-arm system


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In August 2009, the Clinique de La Source became the proud owner of an O-arm© system – a 3D imaging system which is mainly used for spinal column surgery. A truly mobile scanner used in the operating unit, the O-arm© is coupled with a GPS  navigation system which enables images to be localised and captured in three dimensions during the operation and to conduct the most delicate part of an intervention with computer assisted guiding. What are the main advantages of this equipment? Precise execution, immediate feedback during interventions and unequalled safety of operating actions for surgeons. For the patient, fast transmission of data enables reduced time of anaesthesia and therefore recovery time.




Amongst others, pathologies that can be treated at La Source include:


  • Brain tumours
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Epidural haematoma
  • Narrowed space (lumbar and cervical)
  • Vertebral fractures
  • Herniated discs (lumbar and cervical)
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Vertebral metastases

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