Confessions _


As a secular institution, during your hospitalisation and on request, the Clinique de La Source will call a representative from one of a number of different religious communities in the Canton.

The Clinique de La Source is committed to respecting its patients’ religious beliefs and convictions.

Consequently, during your stay at La Source, the services of a minister or pastor, nominated by their respective Churches, may be called upon. The latter regularly visit patients in hospital and provide support for their families. 
To meet the needs of English-speaking patients, we are in contact with the Protestant Church of Scotland, from which a representative will visit the Clinic should a patient request it. 

Upon request from a patient or his or her family from any other community, be it from the Jewish or Muslim faith, we can call a representative (please note that with regard to the Jewish faith, we cannot call the Rabbi on Saturdays or Jewish holidays). 
To provide our patients and their families with a chance to collect their thoughts, a chapel is available on the premises of La Source, notably in the School building and is open daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m..

For any further information, please contact Nursing Management on 021 641 34 35.