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See inside the human body!

The institute of radiology at La Source is the largest private medical imaging centre in the Canton. In addition to generating diagnostic images, our Institute offers therapeutic procedures thanks to interventional radiology.

Look inside the human body without harming it!

The Radiology Institute at the Clinique de La Source is the largest private centre for medical imagery in the Canton of Vaud, and in this regard enjoys the benefit of state-of-the-art equipment for radiology examinations requested by your doctor.

Our radiologists conduct diagnostic radiological examinations, they are also specialised in osteoarticular (bone and joint) and vascular conditions, and radio-oncology for the administration of interventional radiology.


Your examination

  • Your appointment was made by calling 021 641 33 55.
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS 48 hours before your appointment.
  • Come to the reception at the Radiology Institute on the lower ground floor (-1) at the Clinique de La Source.
  • Your admission is completed by our receptionists. Please bring your insurance card to facilitate the registration of your details.
  • After this, you will be taken for your radiological examination by a professional from our medical-technical team.
  • The images from the examination are studied by a specialist in radiology using powerful computer tools. The new images are compared to past examinations and a medical report is drafted.
  • The images from the examination and the report are sent to the doctor who asked for the examination. A copy may be sent to your general practitionner upon request.
  • At the end of the examination, you will be given an access code that will enable to look at your anonymized medical images online (on your smartphone, electronic tablet or computer).
Preparing for a radiology examination

Certain examinations require a degree of preparation or simply fasting.All the necessary information will be provided when the appointment is made.


Limitations & contra-indications  
  • Pregnancy or suspicion of pregnancy must be mentioned when the appointment is made or before the examination at the latest.
  • Absolute contra-indications to MRI: patients fitted with a pacemaker or other electronic implant, certain intracranial clips, neurostimulators or cochlear implants.
  • Your usual medications can be taken as normal except in the case of interventional examinations (Sintron: Aspirin Cardio; Metformin;…). Please check your prescribing doctor’s recommendations.
  • For a PET-CT examination, please check the nuclear medicine specialist’s recommendations.


What type of treatment is administered using Interventional Radiology ?
Osteoarticular conditions:
  • infiltration
  • vertebroplasty
  • radiofrequency for analgesic purposes or to treat certain bone tumour lesions
Vascular diseases:
  • stent insertion within the context of obstructive vascular or visceral conditions
  • central venous catheter PICC LINE insertion
  • embolisation
  • drainage
  • chemoembolisation
  • radiofrequency
  • microwave
  • cryoablation
What medical diagnostic imaging technology do we use ?


The images resulting from your examination are interpreted by one of our Institute’s seven independent specialists in radiography or nuclear medicine.

The patient’s comfort, the limitation of the radiation, the cost-benefit ratio and the updating of the distribution of the results are at heart of our daily concerns, and are the subject of concerted, ongoing optimisation.

We offer timely and efficient management by skilled professionals. 

Please note that the examinations conducted in our Institute on an outpatient basis are charges at the same rate as all public hospitals in the Canton of Vaud.


Head of department

Rose-Marie Maréchal


Contact & opening hours

Clinique de La Source - Institute of radiology

Avenue Vinet 30, 1004 Lausanne

Information and appointments

Tel : + 41 (0) 21 641 33 55

  • Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 6:00 pm
  • Week-ends & bank holidays Centre médical de La Source

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