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La Source is the largest private multidisciplinary acute care clinic in the Canton.


In addition to our exceptional people skills, we offer cutting-edge medical and technical units comparable to those offered by any university hospital. The Clinic is a centre of multidisciplinary skills especially renowned for its state-of-the-art areas of medical specialisation.

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The Clinique de La Source outpatient services offer comprehensive care, from diagnosis to treatment at the same rates as those practised by public hospitals, with basic health insurance.

Centres & services

The institute of radiology at La Source is the largest private medical imaging centre in the Canton. In addition to generating diagnostic images, our Institute offers therapeutic procedures thanks to interventional radiology.

Radio-oncology occupies an important place in the remedial and symptomatic treatment of cancer, in parallel to medical and surgical oncology.

The Prostate Centre of La Source offers global and customised support, from diagnosis to treatment, including medical follow-up over short, mid and long-term, all on the same site.

Humane, personalised care in an intimate setting. The Breast Imaging Centre is open to all patients with basic health insurance, with or without complementary cover.