A few little extras _

Additional benefits

Additional benefits that enhance your hospitalisation.

Our maternity ward consists of contemporary design rooms with one or two beds, and all with ensuite bathroom. In addition to the usual accessories, each room has a flat screen TV, a CD-DVD player and free access to the WI-FI. 

During your stay in the Clinique de La Source’s maternity ward, we have the pleasure of offering, besides our first class hotel services, the following additional extras, which we hope will help to make your stay unforgettable: 

  • A complimentary side bed for the father of your child (exclusively in private rooms).
  • A meal for you and the person of your choice in our restaurant La Véranda while the team on the maternity ward looks after your baby.
  • A toiletry bag with all the basic necessities for you.
  • A changing backpack.
  • A voucher for a 50-minute relaxation massage with access to the Spa at the Royal Savoy Hotel, Lausanne.
  • Free parking for your introductory visit to the maternity ward and on «D-Day».
  • Your child’s birth announcement on our website.
  • A photograph of your baby taken by a professional photographer (www.igor-maria.com).


Chief Nursing Officer 

Chantal Montandon

Head Midwife

François Millier



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