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The Electronic Patient Record improves the quality and security of treatment given, while maintaining the utmost confidentiality.

What are Electronic Patient Records (EPR)?

Digitisation of the Patient Records is part of current medical developments and medical IT. The EPR is an overview of the information collected throughout the patient’s entire journey during each hospitalisation at the Clinic. It offers a synthesised and organised view of administrative, medical and paramedical data. It allows for collaboration among the multiple disciplines and establishes a link between the various professionals throughout all of  the stays.

What are the benefits of the EPR?

The digitisation makes it possible to improve the quality and readability of the file content and speed of access to information required while remaining completely confidential. 

The four main pillars involved in the establishment of an EPR are as follows: capture, consult, utilise and share in order to:

  • optimise patient treatment (continuity and multidisciplinarity)
  • standardise practices => providing a basis for the rationalisation of processes, the utilisation of predefined treatment protocols set up using development reference practices approved by the accredited independent doctors and surgeons at the Clinic. 
  • improve the safety factor by limiting repeated information and the risk of error for example. 
  • keep track of the actions carried out in the health records.


How the EPR is used at the Clinique de La Source ?

The technology used at the Clinique de La Source cannot impact on the quality of the relationship with the patient in any way. Consequently, the information capture is directly obtained from the patient in his room. The nurse instantly saves the information on a laptop, which allows the medical caregivers to consult the Electronic Patient Record at any time for a better patient treatment. 

The EPR concept at the Clinique de la Source has been personalised according to the Clinic’s specific needs. Our view of healthcare, which is based on a holistic, personalised treatment approach as well as on quality services which meet the needs of each patient, led us to work with ClevE'HR a fully modular solution which is totally configurable according to our needs.


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