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Medical and surgical oncology is the medical specialisation dedicated to the diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of different cancers.

The Clinique de La Source: a centre of excellence for cancer

La Source benefits from long experience in cancer treatment. Thanks to its state-of-the-art technical platform (ultra-modern operating theatres, the da Vinci surgical robot, its radiology institute which is equipped with scanners and MRI, nuclear medicine service with scans and PET-CT), its radiotherapy institute and centres for anti-cancer chemotherapy both on site and in immediate proximity), the Clinique de La Source offers a holistic, integrated, personalised care approach


For many years, we have encouraged a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to cancer thanks to the proximity of specialist doctors accredited by the Clinique de la Source as well as their weekly multidisciplinary meeting. Each patient is therefore guaranteed of receiving personalised and integrated treatment in line with international quality standards. In addition to classic services in the realm of cancer diagnosis and treatment, La Source ensures that patients have access to a specialist in psycho-oncology and a team specialised in nutrition and cancer.


Like every human being, every tumour is unique. One of the main considerations of our team of specialist doctors is to personalise their contact with each patient in order to identify his or her expectations and concerns. The medical team can therefore rapidly implement high-performance and individualised treatment. Although training for young doctors is important, our clinic has made a decision to work exclusively with highly qualified doctors. This strategy ensures top quality treatment while avoiding inadequate intermediaries and long delays in cancer treatment.


The Clinique de La Source offers a holistic and integrated care, in peaceful and pleasant surroundings in which all facilities and specialist doctors are close by. The patient can thus be given any treatment provided by a larger structure (such as a university) without the downsides of chronic congestion.


Although in the past hospitalisations at the Clinique de La Source were exclusively reserved for patients with supplementary insurance, in recent times, thanks to agreements with care providers such as the CHUV, some operating services are now available at Clinique de la Source regardless of the type of insurance. By the same token, all outpatient services such as radiology examinations, radiotherapy or chemotherapy are covered by the LAMAL (basic insurance).


Cancer treatment sometimes results in complications which require immediate treatment. All our specialist doctors are therefore committed to being available during consulting hours and will meet with you urgently. An on-call service is guaranteed outside of consulting times. The medical and emergency centre at La Source supplements the efforts of specialist doctors by admitting patients seven days a week. 

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