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A space dedicated to women

Humane, personalised care in an intimate setting. The Breast Imaging Centre is open to all patients with basic health insurance, with or without complementary cover.

The La Source Mammography / Breast Imaging Centre is a highly professional and caring facility dedicated to women.

Accompanied by a medical expert team , you are assured of the support you need and deserve, at every point in your mammogram. It is our mission to make your breast screening experience as comfortable and stress free as possible. Our highly trained team is there to accompany you and to answer all your questions.

The Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for mammograms and ultrasounds. In particular, one of the two mammography devices has the capacity to produce tomosynthesis implants (cross-sectional imaging), a cutting-edge radiological technique which significantly improves diagnostic accuracy. This device also enables biopsies to be conducted under mammographic guidance (stereotactic macrobiopsies) in order to guide the needle accurately. Samples can also be taken using ultrasound guidance if required.


The different outpatient mammogram services we offer are :
  • Standard diagnostic screening for women who have symptoms  as well as for women who don't have symptoms but want the peace of mind of regular check-ups. 
    In this case you will be referred by your GP or gynaecologist.
  • Screening for women of 50 years old or over as part of the cantonal screening programme, run by the Vaudoise Foundation for breast cancer screening.
    You will receive an invitation to undertake a screening every two years.

Open to all women, regardless of your insurance status; you will get a warm welcome and great care at our Clinic. No matter what type of mammogram you need, you will find the perfect solution.

The rates for diagnostic mammograms and screening in our clinic are exactly the same as in public medical facilities. 

If part of the cantonal screening programme, the cost of your mammogram  is covered by your basic health insurance, without being subject to a franchise at the rate of 90%.


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Clinique de La Source - Breast Imaging Centre

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Tel : +41 (0)21 641 33 55

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