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How does it work?

Leaving the hospital is arranged with your doctor’s approval. Our nurses are there to advise you should you require further treatment or convalescence.




The date and time of your discharge is set in accordance with your doctor. We kindly request you to announce your departure to the nurse and the Reception.

As far as possible, the room must be vacated no later than 3pm the day of your departure.

Please note! Please inform your nurse in advance of the time you intend to leave your room, as she may have last minute recommendations, medicine or a medical prescription and X-rays to give to you before your departure.

You may recover your valuables from the Admissions Department during office hours or at the Reception outside of office hours.

The invoice of your hospitalisation will be sent directly to your health insurance and your private expenses will be billed to you directly.

You are entitled to a copy of your invoices should you request it.

Follow-up treatment, convalescence, choosing the best solution

If you require follow-up treatment or a convalescence period, the nurse is at your entire disposal to provide help and advice.

Special diets

Our Nutrition Specialists are available to give you any useful advice on your diet both during your stay in hospital and afterwards through nutritional advice covered by your health insurance.


If you wish to support one of the activities of the Fondation de La Source, you can make a contribution as follows :

  • In favour of the Clinique de La Source at CCP 10-2819-8 in Lausanne (further education, Clinic improvements, medical equipment, radiology/laboratory).
  • In favour of the Haute Ecole de la Santé La Source at CCP 10-16530-4 in Lausanne (studies, School improvements).


Chief Administrative and Financial Officer

Cédric Zuchuat 


Head of Patient Administration (GAP)

Ludwig Koch

Contact & opening hours

Clinique de La Source - Admissions

Avenue Vinet 30 1004 Lausanne

Tel +41 (0)21 641 34 66

Fax +41(0)21 641 33 66

  • Admissions - Monday to Friday 6:30 am to 7:00 pm
  • Reception - Monday to Friday 6:45 am to 8:45 pm

Saturdays, Mondays and Bank holidays:  7:00 am to 8:45 pm