Carrying your baby in a sling
and baby massage _

You and your baby every day

Would you like to learn about different ways of carrying your baby in a sling? Or learning to massage him or her? 

Carrying your baby in a sling

We propose a babywearing course for mums and dads, given by midwives, to ensure that the baby is well positioned.

This course is based on the following features: 


  • Learning how to use a baby sling, to protect the baby’s back, and the back of the parents.
  • Becoming attentive to the child’s needs so that he/she feels reassured and safe and to prevent him/her from getting upset.
  • Establishing a bond and a sense of closeness with the child.

These service is open for all parents.


Baby massage

We offer an introduction to baby massage. This approach is guided by Ayurvedic/Thai/Traditional Western practices and has benefits such as:


  • Rest and relaxation.
  • Stimulating the child’s bodily, cognitive and affective dimensions.
  • Helping improve digestion and relieve any colic so as to improve sleep.


This service is reserved exclusively for the clinic's patients.


Chief Nursing Officer 

Chantal Montandon

Head Midwife

François Millier



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