Hygiene, Prevention
and Infection Control _


Hygiene, Prevention and Infection Control at the Clinique de La Source are the responsibility of a specialist as well as a head nurse.

Hygiene, prevention and infection control are at the epicentre of the Clinic’s daily concerns. This service exists in all departments and units that work with patients. 

We encourage every patient, as well as our employees and doctors, to play an active role in caring for their health by maintaining hand hygiene. Don’t hesitate to ask your nursing staff if they have washed/disinfected their hands.


A. Preventing hospital infections

These infections are commonly called nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections. These are acquired by patients while receiving treatment and which were neither present nor incubating at the time of admission. The bacteria behind these infections are present on patients’ skins or mucous linings. They can also be transmitted from one patient to another via the hands of staff or by the environment. 

Hand hygiene is unquestionably the most effective way of preventing the transmission of infections.

B. Monitoring and keeping infectious issues under control

A number of indicators are in place in order to achieve these aims – either within the framework of the cantonal monitoring programme or in the framework of the national programmes:

  • Monitoring of multi-resistant bacteria in order to keep up with their development and implement the necessary steps to avoid propagation 
  • Monitoring of infections in the area to be operated on.

In addition, monitoring also involves being in control of infections. In this regard, the Clinic has partnered with four infectious disease specialists who can be called upon round the clock seven days a week. They consult to doctors and surgeons in charge of patients and prescribe the necessary treatment in the event of specific types of infection.

C. Ensure irreproachable hygiene with regard to WATER, AIR and FOOD

Such as the microbiological quality of the different waters used for care as well as the air in the operating theatres, and the monitoring of bacteria in food. Adherence to international safety standards for these three themes is monitored. In addition preventative measures, regular meetings and microbiological checks are conducted in order to ensure the quality of products supplied and eliminate potential infections.


Head nurse

Michèle Locher

Head physician

Dr Jean-Philippe Chave

Specialist in infectious diseases

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  • Emergency service Round the clock presence seven days a week of a specialist in infectious diseases who works with La Source Laboratories.

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