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Our SSMI (Swiss Society of Intensive Care Medicine) certified Intensive Care Unit treats patients suffering from serious medical or surgical problems, and whose lives are potentially threatened by failure of one or more vital organs.

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at La Source is certified by the "Société Suisse de Médecine Intensive" (SSMI).


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This unit has six beds and its aim is to ensure the treatment of patients suffering from serious medical or surgical problems, whose life is potentially endangered by the failure of one or more vital organs, and to offer them recognised and effective treatment.

Constant surveillance of the various parameters makes it possible to intervene very early on in the event of a problem, which often prevents the patient’s health from further deterioration. This department takes patients both from the outside as well as those already hospitalised in the event of complications. It also enables close monitoring particularly in the post-operative period in the case of well-defined pathologies.

This unit is equipped with specialised medical caregivers. It can call upon a team of doctors who specialise in intensive care and around 15 nurses, of whom several have had specific training in intensive care. It also works in close collaboration with a number of specialist doctors who work together to provide optimal patient care.

Finally, the presence of a round the clock anaesthetist in the institution, as well as an emergency ICU physician ensures the permanent presence of resuscitation specialists. Patients hospitalised in intensive care also enjoy the benefit of state-of-the-art equipment be it for surveillance or to support failing organs.

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The development of the intensive care department is part of the evolution of modern medicine which today, thanks to increased specialisation and the appearance of new treatment and technical methods, makes it possible to undertake complex treatment for all patients, even if they are very elderly or polymorbide.

Thus, the Clinique de La Source has everything in place that is needed to provide both its patients and doctors with an environment that can manage any and every serious and/or urgent situation that may arise.


Deputy Head Nurse


Head Nurse of the Intensive Care and Interventional Cardiology


Referring physician

Dr BAGNA Francesca Carlotta

Specialist in Intensive medicine and Anaesthesiology



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Intensive care unit - Certified SSMI

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