Your hospitalisation
during CoVID-19 _


Your safety is our priority

We are committed to ensure the safety of each patient as well as our employees and doctors, and therefore do our utmost to ensure optimal care and limit risks as much as possible.

Your healthcare team, whether our employees or your doctor, are at your disposal to support you during your stay and answer all your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if needed.

Your stay


If you are presenting flu symptoms or if you have tested positive for CoVID-19 in the 10 days preceding your hospitalisation or outpatient stay, you must contact the surgeon or doctor responsible for your hospitalisation who will decide if your intervention will be maintained as planned.



The wearing of a surgical mask in the clinic is no longer mandatory, except in the following places and circumstances:

For patients:

  • in the Outpatient Centre and in Radio-oncology,
  • in a 2 or 4 bedded room, when moving around,
  • in the waiting rooms.

For visitors and accompanying persons:

  • when in the room and in the waiting room,
  • in the Intensive Care Unit,
  • in the Ambulatory Centre, 
  • in Radiation Oncology.

Everyone is free to wear the mask beyond the above recommendations. 



Hygiene measures must be scrupulously observed.

Wearing a surgical mask is compulsory for the visitors:

  • in patient’s rooms
  • in the Intensive Care Unit
  • in the Multidisciplinary Outpatient Centre.

Short visits are limited to 2 visitors at the same time per room, per patient and per day between 09:00 am and 09:00 pm, except under the following circumstances:

  • Intensive care unit: visits are only allowed by appointment. Please contact the Unit Manager on 021 641 31 85.
  • Maternity ward: visits are allowed at any time an with no time limit for the father/partner and siblings or a relative if the mother is on her own, and 1 additional short visit per day between 3 pm and 8 pm.
  • For special situations, please contact the Unit Manager. 

If you have any symptoms, even mild ones (loss of taste, loss of smell, fever, cough or cold), please postpone your visit.

Your hands must be scrupulously sanitised at all times and keeping a social distance is highly recommended.

Visitors are not allowed to eat or drink in the patient’s room


Room service is available for patients and remains prohibited for visitors who must wear a surgical mask within the room, at all times.



Chief Nursing Officer

Chantal Montandon


Luis Dos Santos Eusebio - Head Nurse Assistant -Clinique de La Source

Avenue Vinet 30 1004 Lausanne

Tel : +41 (0)21 641 37 37