• Our restaurant-salon-kiosk-florist, La Véranda, is available to both you and your visitors 7 days a week. 
  • A smoking area is available at La Véranda.
  • Our kiosk offers a vast range of newspapers, magazines, treats, stationery, toiletries, toys and flowers. You may have a newspaper or magazine delivered to you in your room upon request
  • Ask your midwife about specialists in beauty therapy, and manicures and pedicures, who are available on request. 
  • A laundry service for your personal clothing can be arranged upon request to your midwife or the housekeeper. 
  • Your mail and flowers are delivered directly to your room. Your letters can be left at the reception where you can purchase stamps. Should you not be able to leave your room, your mail can be given to your midwife. 
  • Cash withdrawals can be made at the reception. 
  • A free access to our car park during your first visit of the maternity ward and on the day of your child's birth is offered. As the number of parking places is limited, we would appreciate it if you could avoid parking your car at the Clinic for the duration of your stay. Parking is available at the Palais de Beaulieu or the Clinic can arrange a taxi. 
  • An abbot or pastor and their helpers, nominated by their Church as chaplains for the Clinic, make regular visits to patients. They can also be called should you express a wish in this regard. A representative from any other religious denomination can be called on request. 
  • Lounges are available for patients and visitors on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. A self-serve computer is installed in the lounges on the 2nd floor.

  • An unsupervised play area called the Mini-Club is available for kids on the 1st floor.
  • Located on the 1st floor of the Clinic, the Galerie de La Source, offers regular exhibitions open daily to the public from 10am to 8pm. Themes alternate between medical and cultural subjects.
  • A pleasant garden is also at your disposal for a breath of fresh air.
  • Please note that pets are forbidden inside the Clinic.

Chief Hospitality Officer


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