Analysis requests and results

Requests for analyses and the results thereof may be made and consulted on our secure server. 

Are you a new user? The laboratory IT service is at your service for the creation of your account on 021 641 31 60 or on 021 641 32 44.

Analysis requests

Analysis request forms :

All forms can be downloaded in PDF format and printed.

The numbers featured in the following analyses correspond to the type of Monovette being used. This detailed information can also be found on the front page of each form (except Microbiology).

Form 1 : General laboratory

Form 2 : Microbiology

Form 3 : Molecular biology

Form 4: Blood gases

Form 5 : Ophthalmic microbiology

Form 6 : Immunohaematology 

Form 8 : BEA [Blood Exposure Accident]/staff medicine

Form 9: Ophthalmic Hospital Routine

Form 11 : FIT - fecal occult blood tests

Analysis results

All results are communicated in writing and sent by mail or fax or e-mail. Results are only transferred by telephone in the event of an emergency.

The results can also be viewed on our secure server.

All of the analysis reports are handled confidentially.


The analysis results are archived as follows:

  • 5 years for results printed by the machines
  • 10 years for routine results
  • 30 years for immunohaematology results
  • 40 years for the results of professional blood exposure accidents

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