Quality, our top priority! 

An ongoing quest for Quality at every level is a daily reality for all employees and doctors at the Clinique de La Source. More than just a slogan, “High quality services for your health” is at the very heart of our concerns, from our nursing to catering via our administrative services. We strive at all times to : 

  • Take our patients’ needs into consideration by guaranteeing safe and effective care.
  • Ensure the presence of skilled and available employees. 
  • Work with respected and recognised accredited doctors. 
  • Be equipped with high-performance and cutting edge medico-technical facilities.
  • Ensure the availability of personalised and upmarket catering services.


Quality at the service of our patients, our employees, our doctors and our partners.

EXCELLENCE and RELIABILITY in every aspect of our services are constantly re-evaluated thanks to satisfaction surveys with our patients, doctors, employees and insurers. The quarterly and annual results of our Satisfaction surveys result in targeted client-oriented steps to make improvements on the ground. 

La Source, a member of the Swiss Leading Hospitals (SLH) regularly compares the results of its patient surveys with the 22 private clinics in the group, once again emphasising its commitment to the Quality of its services. As proof of this irreproachable level of quality, institutions wishing to belong are required to meet a whole series of very precise criteria and constantly need to question themselves by conducting a self-evaluation every three years in order to guarantee their membership and the EXCELLENCE of these services. 

In addition, in 2008, the Clinique de La Source became the first clinic for acute multidisciplinary care in Switzerland to have obtained the Recognised for Excellence 4* level, based on the EFQM model of business Excellence (European Foundation for Quality Management), the most widespread instrument in Europe for the promotion of Quality in business. 

Featuring amongst the six finalists for the Prix ESPRIX Swiss Award for Excellence, the Clinique de La Source won the prize in the “Creating value for clients” category.

This prestigious award is the result of extremely high quality standards which put the patient at the very heart of the Clinic’s every endeavour.

The award was the culmination of the efforts made by all employees to understand, anticipate and meet the needs of patients and unceasingly improve their services, be they medical, catering or administrative.

In addition, we are conducting five national measurements published by the ANQ (Association nationale pour le développement de la qualité dans les hôpitaux et cliniques – National Association for the development of quality in hospitals and clinics), the results of which will accessible to the public.

Planning, achieving, evaluating, measuring and acting – these are the key steps in Quality management in place at La Source and your suggestions for improvement are always welcome!

Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Administrative Officer


Head of Quality

MANZ Doris

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