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Located in the centre of Lausanne in a green setting, and with over 150 beds, the Clinique de La Source is the biggest private institution offering acute multidisciplinary care (Surgery – Medicine – Maternity) in the region.

Founded in 1891 and highly committed to its independence, the Clinique belongs to the Fondation La Source, a private non-profit institution which also oversees the Institut et Haute Ecole de la Santé La Source (HES-SO).

Constantly evolving in order to meet the needs of patients and the most recent technological innovations, the Clinic devotes significant attention to pursuing a traditional approach to hospitality and quality healthcare, driving it to surpass itself in every way.

First rate medical facilities

The main specialties are:

• Anesthesiology 24h/24
• Interventional cardiology
• Orthopaedic surgery and traumatology
• Plastic and reconstructive surgery
• Visceral and thoracic surgery
• Gastroenthorology
• Gynaecology and obstetrics
• Intensive medicine
• Internal and general medicine
• Neurosurgery
• Medical and surgical oncology
• Pulmonology
• Diagnostic and interventional imagery
• Radio-oncology / radiotherapy
• Rheumatology
• Urology

In addition, the radiology and physiotherapy institutes, the laboratory, the outpatient, La Source Medical Centre emergency and radiotherapy centres take on patients without supplementary health insurance at the same rates as the public hospitals.

Quality of care and medical staff skills

In order to ensure irreproachable quality of care and personalised treatment for each patient, the Clinique surrounds itself with the best professionals. The high quality setting and facilities attract many well-known surgeons, obstetricians, internists and anaesthetists, all independent FMH specialists, who partner with the Clinique La Source and make a huge contribution to its success and reputation. Forward-looking, the Clinique is actively involved in training Western Switzerland’s future medical profession through the Ecole La Source, an ideal training venue for students which is famous for its academic excellence.

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