Sterilisation is a department in its own right, which specialises in the reprocessing of sterile instruments and without which a hospital cannot function.

The reprocessing of sterile instruments has become very strict with regard to

  • The complexity of material to be reprocessed
  • Considerable technical developments in the past few years
  • Problems inherent to the appearance of the prion pathogen (Kreuzfeld Jacob disease)
  • Traceability needs
  • The standards for which there are good reasons.

Activities in the realm of sterilisation are governed by sterilisation best practice issued by Swissmédic, and by constantly developing laws, ordinances and standards.

The instruments used during an intervention or which are lent to our clinic come to Sterilisation service and go through a series of processes that ensure the patient’s safety.

Today we have 4 washer-disinfectors, 3 steam sterilisers and 1 low temperature steriliser. We have a team of level 1 and 2 technical assistants in sterilisation and a head theatre nurse who is a specialist in sterilisation.

We sterilise around 7000 preparations per year (trays, sets and single instruments).

The team works to supply all the Clinic’s departments with perfectly cleaned, disinfected, checked, wrapped and sterilised treatment sets or instruments. This requires precise, careful, disciplined work ensuring that the instruments are ready at the right place at the right time.

Our sterilisation process is ISO 13485 certified, representing a guarantee of quality     

This certification also allows us to reprocess medical instruments for third parties.

Our clients include several surgeries.
Please click here should you wish to enquire about reprocessing your equipment.

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