Sports Medicine

VidyMed is a Sport Medical Base approved by Swiss Olympic.

Swiss Olympic uses this certification to direct which medical centres athletes and elite athletes, young upcoming sports people and amateur athletes should use in order to obtain qualified responses to their medical sports questions.

The fields of competence covered by the Sport Medical Base approved by Swiss Olympic include a sports and health practical examination as well as technical laboratory examinations. Other areas of competency include sports physiotherapy, endurance performance diagnostics and medical follow-up related to training.

Athletes therefore enjoy the benefit of very high quality services:

  • Quick access to sports medical examinations/treatment in the event of injury or illness.
  • If necessary, immediate transfer to specialists for examination/treatment.
  • Routine sports medicine analysis
  • Specialist physiotherapist for problems linked to sports involvement
  • Research into performance diagnostics in the realm of endurance for individual athletes or as part of a team.
  • Emergency service for sports medicine issues.
  • Input from nutritional advisors and sports psychologists.



Head nurse

Head Physician





FMH specialist in general internal medicine
SSMS sports medicine
SAMM manual medicine
SHUM Diving Medicine

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