Working at the heart of a multidisciplinary team, the radiation oncology technicians work in close collaboration with the radiation oncologists and the medical physicists at the centre.

Their work begins by carrying out a special scan to locate the area to be treated. At this time, marks are made on the skin to help define the means of immobilisation and support, as well as the patient’s positioning.

Once the treatment plan has been approved by the doctor, the technicians prepare all of the digital and technical files relating to the therapy.

At every treatment session, the technician will place the patient in the linear accelerator. Confirmation images are taken to check that the area to be treated has been correctly targeted. Only once these various important stages have been carried out can radiation begin.

Every day the technicians manage the patients, giving them a human, individual welcome, as well as providing high quality care.


Dosimetrists are technicians who specialise in the planning of treatment. Their role is to prepare your tailor-made treatment. They use simulations which are carried out based on the images obtained from the special scan and on other diagnostic images (MRI, PET-CT). This allows for optimum radiation of the tumour according to the doctor’s prescription, while protecting the healthy organs as much as possible.

Linking the medical and technical aspects of your treatment, they work in close collaboration with the doctors and medical physicists to offer the best treatment possible. With the help of the medical physicist, the dosimetrist ensures that the doctors receive the necessary information to treat the patient.

Medical Physicists

Medical physicists have overall responsibility for the technical aspects of your treatment carried out at the radiation oncology centre. Together with your doctor and with the support of the dosimetrist they will examine your treatment prescription to offer the most appropriate radiation technique for your case. They will then check with the other members of the care team that the way in which your treatment is given exactly matches the doctor’s prescription.

The medical physicists periodically check the treatment equipment and the corresponding software to guarantee that your treatment takes place correctly. They also check your treatment plan on the machine before it starts, in order to ensure both quality and precision.

Radiation Oncologists

Radiation oncologists are responsible for the medical aspect of your radiotherapy treatment. Your doctor will discuss your medical history with you, the stage of your cancer and the radiotherapeutic indications. The treatment, its aims and the various possible short and long-term side-effects will be clearly explained to you.

The radiation oncologists will establish the target area, i.e. the zone to be irradiated, based on the images produced. They will supervise the planning, dose calculation and radiotherapy treatment together with the various teams at the centre.

He or she will also ensure that you are monitored throughout and after the treatment.

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