How your treatment will proceed

How your radiotherapy treatment will proceed

Your radiotherapy treatment will begin with an initial consultation and an assessment by a radiation oncologist. The radiation oncologist will discuss your medical history and the extent of the disease as well as radiotherapy indications. The aims and potential side effects of the treatment will be fully explained to you.

Preparing for treatment

A planning scan will be carried out to enable the radiation oncologist to define the target area which will be receiving radiation. The dosimetrists will then use the medical prescription to draw up your individual treatment plan. It will then be assessed and approved by the physician and presented to the different people involved in your treatment in an internal meeting. The medical physicist will check all of the technical elements and will perform a test for your treatment on the TrueBeam prior to the start of treatment.

The position in which you will be placed to receive the radiotherapy treatment will be decided based on the region of your body being treated and your comfort. The precision of the positioning and the ability to replicate it is crucial to ensure that the radiation is accurately delivered to the target area.

During the dedicated planning scan, radiotherapy technicians will position you on the scanning table in the same way in which you will be positioned during your subsequent treatment. They will use various support apparatus such as head or leg supports. Non-permanent marks will be made on your skin to ensure precise positioning during the treatment.

Receiving treatment

Your radiation will be delivered by a linear accelerator which produces high-energy X-rays. The radiotherapy beam is emitted from the head of the device, which moves around the treatment table. Your position will be checked using images during each session. The medical physician will regularly check the linear accelerator to ensure it is operating effectively.

Technicians will be with you throughout the planning process and they will be the ones delivering the treatment prescribed by your physician. The treatments will take place in an armoured room to protect staff and comply with Swiss radiation protection standards. At any time during the radiation treatment you can speak to the technicians using a video camera and microphone, enabling them to see and hear you in the treatment room.

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