Located in the heart of the Clinique, La Source Pharmacy is designed to meet the needs of the doctors and patients as fast as possible:

  • Distribution and preparation of medicines (advice, information, dosage, dilution, interaction, conservation)
  • Working with doctors regarding the choice of medicine (specialities, originals, generics, medicines from abroad)
  • Transmission of all issues regarding administration or side effects of medicines to the Pharmacovigilance Regional Centre.

More than 50 000 different infusions are distributed internally annually, representing more than 19'000 litres of solution as well as approximately 60'000 Paracetamol tablets. In addition, the available stock consists of more than 1'000 different items. Any other medication can be ordered and will be delivered as fast as possible.

Medicine used for more than 800 annual chemotherapy treatments are prepared on the instructions of oncologists and delivered by name to the wards.

Medication are stored in optimal conditions under which the temperature and moisture levels of the storage facility are monitored constantly according to the recommendations of the cantonal pharmacist. On the other hand, the temperatures of the refrigerators are constantly monitored. 

The regional pharmacovigilance centre is the supervisory body established under the law on therapeutic products; here any reports of medication-related adverse effects are centralised at a regional, national and worldwide level.

Head of Pharmacy

PAYAT Raphaëlle

External Head Pharmacists

GOLAZ Robert


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